What a mess!

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Sorry for the mess!I don’t know about you but I learned to paint in the middle of it. For years I’ve been waiting for the best time, the best space, the right mood and do wanna know what? It never happened. Until I decided that I was going to paint anyway. I had to find […]

New life

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New site for a new life. I moved to a season in the United States and since I arrived a whirlwind of things have happened. If I thought time was passing fast, here time flies. Since I arrived I have participated in two exhibitions, one solo and one collective, I am already part of an […]

My Refuge

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The work “Refuge Place” was a result of one of the biggest adventure I’ve been through. I knew that there was more, life couldn’t be only live and die.So I deeply dived into the Bible to find my place, to find me. Finally I could find my self and restarted to create.I got the self confidence to […]