Diana's work is full of sensitive colors


Diana creates pieces that represent both profound and unexceptional situations. There’s a movement, which brings us to another dimension. Using many layers of vibrant colors, there’s an emotional background of concrete moments that take up space and time.

Diana Helman was born in Mexico City in 1980. Her father was an Argentine  to doctor in physics and her mother a Brazilian embassy employee, ceramist and sculptor. At the age of 4, she moved to Brazil her both parents got ill. The depression after know as a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease took her mom and multiple sclerosis her father. Faced with a hard reality and a lot of responsibility, Diana developed a special capacity for contemplation and analysis of the human soul. The arts has always been her refuge.

Influenced by Ione Saldanha her aunt and an international famous modernist painter, she was carried away by painting and never stopped producing. She used to spend her earlier days drawing and training realistic figures until venturing into looser strokes with paint brushes and canvases.

Formed by Puc-Rio in Graphic Design, through design she developed a creative process and other skills, but it was only after a few years working for major brands and becoming a mother, that she decided to dedicate herself more to art.


Diana Helman was raised in Rio de Janeiro, surrounded by colour and creative joy which
heavily inspired her style. The artist’s work has been shown in Artprize Festival 2018 in United States and at Galerie Maurice Ravel du Centre Paris Anim’ in France and many galleries in Brazil.

The graphic stains and lines are symbols intended to unite the thoughts between the spiritual experience and how it is felt. Her encompassing and intimate canvas paintings lead to the inner world.



• “Spring into Summer”, Sugar Sand Park Gallery| Boca Raton-Fl – USA –  2019
• “12 Disciples des Arts”, Centre Maurice Ravel| Paris-FR – 2018
• Artprize- Grand Rapids |Michigan – USA – 2018
• Coletivo Inspira Ocupa | Petrópolis – 2017


• “WIND” – Miami Beach Botanical Garden Gallery – Miami- FL – 2019
• “Place os Refuge” – Galeria Clube do Filé – Petrópolis – RJ – 2018
• “Place os Refuge”- Galeria Estação Itaipava – Petropolis- RJ – 2018
• “Place os Refuge” – Candice Vogue Square- Rio de Janeiro- RJ – 2017