What a mess!

Sorry for the mess!
I don’t know about you but I learned to paint in the middle of it.
For years I’ve been waiting for the best time, the best space, the right mood and do wanna know what? It never happened.
Until I decided that I was going to paint anyway. I had to find a daily space in my routine.
I dusted off the brushes and paints and set aside a corner on my bedroom table to sit there every day and paint something.
And it was in this mood of discipline and self-love that I gradually dug up dreams.
Today, after a few years, I can see countless fruits of this behavior. What was a hobby became my main occupation, my paintings are spread around the world, I’m teaching art to many online students and in workshops, I really live a dream.
But the truth is that even today it is hard to get time to simply paint. Although today I have a room just for this, I still struggle daily to ensure this moment in my routine.
There are so many things to do! Take care of my daughters, of the house, of the food, working with on exhibitions (which go far beyond just painting the canvases), preparing lessons, editing videos, doing my job as a designer that I also love to do. Oh my God! So many things that let the day go by and I couldn’t paint.
This is when I take a deep breath and remember that there urgent ans there are IMPORTANT things to do. When I paint I am doing something very important. At this time, I turn a blind eye to the mess and the backlog and go to my moment.
It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect, it matters that the opportunity is before us TODAY. Taking the time to do what we love and to connect ourselves with our inner being cannot be left behind.
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